Центральный теплообменник Dinan для BMW M3 2016-2017 M4 2016-2017


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All prices shown are for software only if not stated otherwise. Please contact us for additional hardware needed to complete STAGE2 tuning levels and above.

Dyno measurements are not included in the price shown and are paid for separatly if needed.

Any increase in power output of the engine puts more load on the engine and transmission compoents. It is your responsibility to properly maintain and service the vehicle.


9° average water termperature reduction to the intercooler across the RPM range.

Colder water improves intercooler efficiency and allows the intake air to be cooled by an additional 6° average across the RPM range compared to stock.

40mm thick Dinan cooler vs. 24mm thick stock cooler

60% more volume & 19% more face area than stock

Track tested to ensure consistent performance under extreme conditions

Material Aluminum

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