Поддон АКПП Mercedes 722.9 (Speedshift / MCT) с улучшенным охлаждением


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The 722.9 Transmission Pan provides improvement to the performance of the 7 speed 722.9 transmission in a few ways.  Primarily is the increased fluid capacity.  With more fluid in the system, temperatures will rise more slowly as it takes more energy to heat the greater volume of fluid.  Second is the integrated cooling fins on the inside and outside of the Weistec 722.9 Transmission Pan which work to help cool the pan and the fluid inside it as the vehicle is driving down the road.  The pan also features two -8 ports that allow for installation of an additional transmission fluid cooler for those that are seeking maximum cooling for their transmission.

For convenience, the pan also features a "Fill" plug and a "Drain" plug.  The factory pan has only one plug that serves only as a fill.  When draining it requires the removal of the pan from the transmission.  The Weistec 722.9 Transmission Pan simply requires removal of the "Drain" plug to drain the fluid allowing for quick and simple fluid changes.  The "Fill" plug functions the same as the original plug in terms of Mercedes fluid filling procedure for the 722.9 Transmission.

Key Features:

  • Fluid Capacity Increased by 2.5 Quarts

  • Integrated Cooling Fins

  • Internal Anti-slosh Baffling

  • O-Ring Seal

  • Two -8 ports for Additional Transmission Cooler Circuit (Additional Cooler not included)

  • Drain and Fill Plugs

  • Two Transmission Pan Magnets

  • Mounting Hardware Included

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