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Чип тюнинг Mercedes

Chip tuning for Mercedes ( Mercedes-Benz )
Mercedes is a car that serves as a sign of status all around the world. These are cars of the highest quality comfort, great reliability and excellent driving characteristics. But there is one essential BUT! Mercedes by virtue of specificity and positioning of the brand is very thoughtful and fundamental. For many owners it becomes an unpleasant surprise that the reaction to the accelerator pedal (gas) is slow and the dynamics is poor, despite the stated power characteristics of the motor. 

We have extensive experience in refining and chip tuning of various models of Mercedes Benz. Our cars have crossed the bar of  1000 hp!!! We are entrusted with their cars a variety of car owners - from steadfast owners of large companies, to the "golden youth" who like to race with competitors. We are ready to meet your wishes and realize the most daring fantasies. At the same time we always remain true to our basic principle - "reliability comparable to the factory"! 

Advantages of Mercedes chip tuning by Morendi company.
Comprehensive diagnostics of the power plant BEFORE and AFTER chip tuning by our specialists. 
Development and debugging of all programs on our own dyno! 
The possibility of individual adjustment This procedure is able to reveal all the possibilities of the engine of your "iron horse", by removing restrictions from the ECU. A properly tuned Mercedes engine can become 30-40% more powerful, especially if it is a gasoline turbo engine! And the increase in power is not limited to the increase in torque, and the transmission works much more dynamically.


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