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Чип тюнинг


Below is a catalog of the main makes and models of cars, for which we provide chip tuning services and refinement of the technical part. If you have not found your car or found an error in the catalog, please contact us by phone. The catalog is informational and may not reflect the current offer of Morendi. 

We are constantly developing and improving our knowledge. Our experience and capabilities are growing. We are always ready to discuss the possibility of customizing the vehicle and creating a solution exactly for your requirements

Engine Chip Tuning (ECU reflash).
Many car owners think they know everything about their car. But did you know that your car may have hidden capabilities that will become available if you perform chip tuning for diesel or gasoline engine?

Properly performed chip tuning procedure will increase engine power, torque, as well as significantly reduce fuel consumption. All this can be done without any harm to the engine and, in many cases, without mechanical intervention.

Chip tuning is a change in the settings of the engine control unit and in some cases the transmission control unit. By reconfiguring the ignition and fuel supply tables (cylinder filling), as well as torque limiters, throttle opening and boost pressure, it is possible to significantly change the engine power and its character. Finding optimal and safe settings is a complex and comprehensive work available only to professionals.

Chip Tuning of gasoline engines
The power of a gasoline engine is limited by its displacement and volumetric efficiency - VE. If the first two parameters we usually can not easily adjust, without significant intervention in the "hardware", but many others can be affected by making changes to the engine management program. Power and dynamics are significantly affected by the mixture composition, determined by the air/fuel ratio - AFR, ignition advance angle - ignition timing, as well as supercharging in case of turbine. In the case of engines equipped with direct injection such as CGI, TSI, GDI and others, the power and economy is affected by the number of injection cycles and their phase.

Chip Tuning of diesel engines
Chip tuning of diesel engines has a more pronounced effect of fuel economy compared to the tuning of gasoline engines. This is due to the torque characteristics of the diesel engine, which torque is available from the lowest engine speeds. Chip tuning significantly increasing the torque of the diesel engine allows the car to move with the same or even greater dynamics, but at lower revolutions and higher gear. Thus, with chip tuning in addition to better dynamics you also get a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption.

Advantages of chip tuning of diesel engines:

In heavy traffic, there are opportunities to make confident accelerations when overtaking.
Better torque and speed characteristics, which makes it easier to drive the car in urban conditions.
Increased towing capacity.

After a long use of the car, the power of the motor may no longer suit. Chip tuning will allow you to return the pleasure of driving the car.
Chip tuning is much cheaper than expensive engine modifications or buying a more powerful car model.

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